CB Radio
MIDLAND 75-822
11 Meter Handheld / Mobile AM CB Radio
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The 75-822 represents the state-of-the-art in high-tech engineering. It is designed
for 40 Channel Citizen Band operation, in a compact package that is big on
performance. It is a quality piece of electronic equipment, skillfully constructed with
the finest components. The circuitry is all solid-state and mounted on a rugged
printed circuit board. Your 75-822 is designed for reliable and trouble-free
performance, either as a portable or mobile CB.
• 40 CB Channels
• 10 Weather Channels
• 5 Memory Channels
• Memory Scan
• Dual/Watch
• Portable and Mobile CB (2-in1)
• HI/LOW Power
• Auto Power Save
• Instant Ch 9. and 19
• Backlit LCD
CB Specifications
Channels 1 through 40
Power Output 4 watts nominal
Modulation 90% +/- 5%
TX Dist <5%
Spurious and Harmonics <-60dbc
Receiver Sensitivity .7 uv for 10db s/n
Audio Output 450 mW
Selectivity 50 db
Weather Receiver Specifications
Channel Frequency
00 163.275
01 162.550
02 162.400
03 162.475
04 162.425
05 162.450
06 162.500
07 162.525
08 161.650
09 161.775
Sensitivity ________________________________________.7uV for 20db
Audio Power________________________________________ 450 mW
Audio Load ________________________________________ 8 ohm
Handheld CB Radio Accessories


"Super Long Range"
25" Hand-Held
Rigid & Stable, But Still Flexible Enough
25" Length
Base Loading Coil
BNC Connector
Extremely Lightweight
Protective Tip
Dramatically Extends Transmit Range And Receiver Sensitivity Performance.
For All 27 MHz Handheld CB Radios With A BNC Antenna Connector.
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